Ineke Pey (1943) started her career at several industrial and university laboratories. She studied Art History and Archaeology at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, finishing her studies cum laude on her thesis about the Hafkenscheid Collection. In 1993 she graduated on a PhD-thesis on the restauration of medieval churches in the period 1796-1940, also at the Radboud University. Ineke Pey worked for several months at the Institut Royal du Patrimoine Artistique (IRPA) in Brussels (Belgium), to get experienced in the chemical investigation of pigments on works of art. At the Institute for Cultural Heritage (RCE) in Amsterdam she researched drawings and drawing materials used by Vincent van Gogh.
She worked many years as a researcher at the Free University in Amsterdam and at the Dutch Institute for Architecture (NAi) in Rotterdam. Ineke Pey published several books and articles on various, particularly nineteenth-century, art historical and historical subjects. For instance on the contents and the history of the Hafkenscheid Collection, the Van Gogh drawing materials, historic mansions, nineteenth-century restorations of mediaeval churches, sixteenth-century women in spiritual life and funeral heritage. Ineke Pey is member of the Society of Dutch Literature (MNL).